(Ir)regular singularities and Quantum Field Theory

July 8-11, 2019
Lisbon University, Department of Mathematics

Cubic Oscillator and Painlevé I

The main theme of the conference is the (generalised) monodromy of meromorphic connections, and its links to quantum field theory. These include the ODE/IM (or ODE/IQFT) correspondence, the relation between opers and the Bethe Ansatz equations, the analysis of anharmonic oscillators in the realm of PT symmetric and exactly solvable quantum mechanics, the relation between Painlevé equations and conformal field theories.
This will be a great occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the paper "Anharmonic Oscillator" by C. Bender and T. Wu and the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the ODE/IM correspondence.

Invited Speakers

V. Bazhanov (Canberra)
C. Bender (St. Louis)
P. Boalch (Paris-Sud)
G. De Nittis (Santiago del Chile)
P. Dorey (Durham)
C. Dunning (Kent)
A. Eremenko (Purdue)
E. Frenkel (Berkeley)*
A. Grassi (Stony Brook)
D. Hernandez (Paris 7)
O. Lisovyi (Tours)


S. Lukyanov (Rutgers)
M. Luu (Davis)
M. Mariño (Genève)
E. Mukhin (Purdue)
S. Nampuri (Lisbon)
S. Negro (Stony Brook)
A. Raimondo (Milano-Bicocca)
J. Suzuki (Shizuoka)*
V. Tarasov (Purdue)
M. Tierz (Lisbon)
B. Vicedo (York)

* participation cancelled

Organizing Committee

D. Masoero (Lisboa)
T. Sutherland (Lisboa)
R. Tateo (Torino)


Titles and Abstracts

Practical Information


The registration deadline has passed, but if you would like to participate please write to the organizing committee.

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in the framework of the FCT research project PTDC/MAT-PUR/30234/2017
"Meromorphic connections on algebraic curves and quantum field theory"

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FCT projects: PTDC/MAT-PUR/30234/2017, IF/00069/2015, UID/MAT/00208/2019

Author: Davide Masoero.