(Ir)regular singularities and Quantum Field Theory


Practical Information

Conference location

The conference will take place in building C6, room 6.2.33 of the Campo Grande campus of the University of Lisbon. It is located just to the west of the campus of the Campo Grande gardens and a short walk from the both the Campo Grande metro station (Green and Yellow Lines) and the Cidade Universitaria metro station (Yellow Line) as shown on the map below.

From the metro station Cidade Universitaria, take the eastern exit signposted Alameda da Universidade, and walk along aforementioned road with the Aula Magna of the university on your left-hand side.

On reaching the plaza in front of it, walk diagonally across to take Rua Prof Oliveira Marques going past the Faculdade de Letras on your left. The building C6 is on straight ahead of you at the end of the road. Passing through the double archway cross the interior courtyard diagonally north-west to the entrance (NB: most other entrances require an access card). Walk up the stairs to the second floor, turning right onto the corridor where room 6.2.33 is towards the end on the left.

From the airport the most convenient public transport option to Campo Grande is the bus number 783 or one could take a taxi.


The majority of the speakers are staying in the Hotel Zurique which is located close to the Entrecampos train and metro stations (be careful not to confuse the two!). It is possible to catch the Yellow Line of the metro for one stops to Cidade Universitaria to get to the conference venue, or it is a relatively pleasant half an hour walk.

To get here from the airport, one can take the metro to Entrecampos, changing from the red to yellow line in Saldanha, or the bus 783 from the airport directly to Entrecampos station. The most convenient option is probably a taxi, or the Aerobus line 1, which has Entrecampos as its first stop.

Getting around

The primary source of public transport in Lisbon is the Metro, whose station entrances are easily recognised by their characteristic capital M logo. It has four lines (blue, green, red and yellow). Trains run every day with a frequency of between 5 and 10 minutes from 06:30 to 01:00. Navigating the metro requires knowing the names of terminal stations of the lines in order to catch the trains in the right direction.

Payment for journeys on the metro can only be made via the rechargeable Viva Viagem card. Such cards can be obtained for 50 cents at the multilingual ticket machines at all metro stations where they can be recharged. Viva Viagem cards can hold only one of three forms of credit at a given time: zapping, multiple journeys, or daily travelcards. The most convenient and cheapest form is zapping whereby the fare (1.33 euros) is automatically deducted from your stored credit on passing through the barriers. In this mode these cards can also be used on the buses, trams and ferries where the appropriate fare is charged upon holding the card to the reader.

Taxis in Lisbon are theoretically cheap, although it is reported that not all drivers are honest. As a guide, a taxi from the airport to Campo Grande or Entrecampos should cost around six euros.


There are many inexpensive lunch options on the Campo Grande campus. These include the Clube Ciencias in the same building, and the Bar and Jardim das Letras in the nearby Faculdade de Letras. Off-campus would can find a variety of places to eat from fast food to fancy restaurants along the gardens of Campo Grande.


The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday 9th July at the Chamines do Palacio near the Rossio train and metro stations, reachable from Campo Grande on the Green Line. The cost of the dinner is 20 euros.