(Ir)regular singularities and Quantum Field Theory


Riccardo Conti

Riccardo Conti obtained the Master Degree (2016) and the PhD (2020) in Theoretical Physics at the University of Torino under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Tateo. In 2019, he joined the Group of Mathematical Physics at the University of Lisbon where he has been working since then under the supervision of Dr. Davide Masoero.
His research interests span the area of Integrable Models and his achievements include:

  1. Integrability in Gauge Theories.
    He contributed to develop the integrability-based framework known as “Quantum Spectral Curve” for the ABJM model and deployed it to compute conformal dimensions of single trace operators at finite values of the coupling (in collaboration with D. Bombardelli, A. Cavaglià and R. Tateo).
  2. Integrable deformations of 2D Quantum Field Theories.
    He provided a geometrical interpretation to a recently discovered irrelevant deformation of 2D Quantum Field Theories, the so-called TT-bar deformation, that preserves integrability (in collaboration with S. Negro and R. Tateo).
  3. The ODE/IM correspondence.
    He showed that the so-called “monster potentials”, introduced by Bazhanov-Lukyanov-Zamolodchikov, are in bijection with the higher-level states of the quantum KdV model (in collaboration with D. Masoero).
Selected publications